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Prayer Flags for Oklahoma project

Ada HunterComment

From our friends at the Downtown Arts Association:

As we attempt to answer to the needs of our community right now, we recognize that there are many kinds of needs, and many ways to help, and all of us are seeking to figure out what it is that we can bring to the table, drawing from our talents and resources. For the Downtown Arts Association, ours is the business of attending to hope. That's ultimately the crux of revitalization. So, at this coming First Friday, June 7, we are hosting a prayer flag making event to remember & honor those who are dealing with devastating loss from the tornados. This is a time for us to gather together and create symbols of hope, and a vision of tomorrow. As Proverbs puts it, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." We are providing the flags and a team to help you make them; you can draw on them, paint on the, appliqué on them. You can bring your own materials or use ours; you can hang them with us on our patio or take them and hang them in any place of your choice. Tradition holds that prayer flags contain the wishes, hopes, challenges, prayers, and intentions of the people, offered up to the heavens, the wind sending them forth across the earth. Your job? Please share this status and invite your friends...and JOIN US Friday, June 7th, 5pm to 8-ish. The event is free to all; children and adults welcome. Together let's create a visual reminder, along with all the amazing support that is already being so generously given, that we will hold our community in hope and healing. 

Ada Hunter, President

Downtown Arts Association, Inc.


Come Make Prayer Flags at Sweet Earth Studio with the Downtown Arts Association!

When: Friday, June 7th, 5-8pm

Where: 421 E. Main Street

Who: Everyone! Kids & Adults

Cost: FREE!

What should I bring? Nothing or anything! Stations available will include fabric paints, paints for hand-printing, fabric pens, a sewing station with someone who can help you appliqué, and an ironing station with someone to help with iron-ons. Basic materials will be provided, but you are free to bring other materials for your project.

Questions? Email the Downtown Arts Association