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Classes starting soon!

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It's time for some Sweet Classes! Beginning this month, we're bringing back Beginning Crochet and, by popular request, we're offering Beginning Drawing. The drawing classes are taught by award-winning artist Penny Coates who brings years of dedicated experience, and although classes are geared towards beginners, any level of experience can benefit from her instruction. All classes are open to adults and kids ages 10 & up. Click on the event tab under "what's up" for a complete listing and registration instruction. Classes are small to enhance learning. 

McCoy Class delayed...

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Those of you chomping at the bit for a chance to enroll your child in Jonelle T. McCoy's (best known for her amazing horse paintings) upcoming kids painting class will have to wait awhile longer. She's been invited to New York and the original date for the class conflicted with her trip. So, we are rescheduling... Date to be determined, but we are thinking it might be best to start in the fall... Any requests?

 A Jonelle T. McCoy original available here at the studio! "Watch Love Bloom"

A Jonelle T. McCoy original available here at the studio! "Watch Love Bloom"

Desire to Inspire: Fun Classes at Sweet Earth!

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Make Your Own Apron!

Make a (realistic) version of these cute aprons! A simple, three-hour class for all levels. Open to ages 10 and up (kids must be accompanied by an adult enrolled in the class). 


Two dates available:

Saturday, June 15th, 10-1

Friday, June 21st, 10-1

Cost: $35 plus materials (list provided - bring your own fabric & trimmings)

Enroll in advance - 3 student minimum for the class to make

To enroll, stop by Sweet Earth, mail a check to the studio, or send us an email with your contact info if you'd like to pay by credit card but don't have time to stop in. Be sure to include a phone number and email address if you mail in a check so that we can send you a materials list, and in case the class doesn't make. 

How can you help a class make? Bring a friend or family member!


Here's a sneak peak at upcoming classes at Sweet Earth this summer!

  • Basic Sewing Techniques
  • Make your own Crochet-edged Pillowcase
  • Basic Crochet for all ages
  • Basic Photography for Kids
  • Learn to use your digital camera
  • Block Print Art for Kids
  • Mixed Media "Love" on canvas
  • Duct tape wallets for kids (and the kid at heart)
  • Applique pillows

Tell your friends! Help the classes "make" so that we can offer more!



Prayer Flags for Oklahoma project

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From our friends at the Downtown Arts Association:

As we attempt to answer to the needs of our community right now, we recognize that there are many kinds of needs, and many ways to help, and all of us are seeking to figure out what it is that we can bring to the table, drawing from our talents and resources. For the Downtown Arts Association, ours is the business of attending to hope. That's ultimately the crux of revitalization. So, at this coming First Friday, June 7, we are hosting a prayer flag making event to remember & honor those who are dealing with devastating loss from the tornados. This is a time for us to gather together and create symbols of hope, and a vision of tomorrow. As Proverbs puts it, "Where there is no vision, the people perish." We are providing the flags and a team to help you make them; you can draw on them, paint on the, appliqué on them. You can bring your own materials or use ours; you can hang them with us on our patio or take them and hang them in any place of your choice. Tradition holds that prayer flags contain the wishes, hopes, challenges, prayers, and intentions of the people, offered up to the heavens, the wind sending them forth across the earth. Your job? Please share this status and invite your friends...and JOIN US Friday, June 7th, 5pm to 8-ish. The event is free to all; children and adults welcome. Together let's create a visual reminder, along with all the amazing support that is already being so generously given, that we will hold our community in hope and healing. 

Ada Hunter, President

Downtown Arts Association, Inc.


Come Make Prayer Flags at Sweet Earth Studio with the Downtown Arts Association!

When: Friday, June 7th, 5-8pm

Where: 421 E. Main Street

Who: Everyone! Kids & Adults

Cost: FREE!

What should I bring? Nothing or anything! Stations available will include fabric paints, paints for hand-printing, fabric pens, a sewing station with someone who can help you appliqué, and an ironing station with someone to help with iron-ons. Basic materials will be provided, but you are free to bring other materials for your project.

Questions? Email the Downtown Arts Association

Artist Spotlight - Jonelle T. McCoy

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Just Arrived!

"Don't Forget Me"

Acrylic on Canvas by Jonelle T. McCoy

Jonelle T. McCoy specializes in equine art - particularly gaited horses. Sweet Earth Studio is pleased to be McCoy's exclusive representative in Shawnee. Evoking the freedom only the horse can exemplify, each painting has its own personality that gallops off the canvas. This artist is gaining in popularity, making her work a solid investment. Visit the studio to see more!

Graduation & Teacher Appreciation

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 Clockwise, starting with right-hand side: 1) sterling silver and bronze crosses (charms & pendants), 2) spring-colored feather earrings, 3) wood crosses & cute aprons, 4) nepal bracelets.

Clockwise, starting with right-hand side: 1) sterling silver and bronze crosses (charms & pendants), 2) spring-colored feather earrings, 3) wood crosses & cute aprons, 4) nepal bracelets.

Still looking for graduation gifts? Teacher appreciation presents? Look no further! Sweet Earth Studio has a wide selection of unique treasures sure to put a smile on their face. Something at every price point and free gift wrapping!

What about...leather feather earrings? Luxurious French soap? Nepal beaded bracelets? Strong Spirit jewelry? Inspirational quotes? Crosses for decoration or to wear? Ceramic ornaments? Come pick out something special for someone on their very special day!

Mother's Day

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Choose from a wide selection of artful and unique Mother's Day and graduation gifts, including an incredible selection of French Soaps, new jewelry selections, such as feather earrings in Spring colors and Lily & Laura Nepal beaded bracelets, encouraging quotes & art prints - perfect to tell someone how special they are - original art cards, and new home embellishment items like Spring & Summer themed footstools and decorative birdhouses - even new gardening gloves!